About Me

Who I am?

I am Yogesh More who hides behind this enigmatic website name – designer yogesh. I use blogger as my personal portfolio and opportunity to get in touch with me.

I’m not scared of new challenges

Every job, similarly to life, is nothing without challenges. Even if I don’t know, initially, how to do something – I’m not giving up. Digging into the available knowledge is the best way to be more professional.

I plan every project from scratch

I’m trying to plan every single project, looking for the best solutions and putting them into the life. The better I know my client needs- the better product I can give finally.

I’m still learning

There’s a lot of technologies and techniques and if I want to be up to date I have to learn. Still. This fascinating world of web is developing so fast that it’s really hard to catch up, but if you love it you’ll manage it.

I take a rest sometimes

It’s very important to not get sweaty too much and take a rest! It helps to make my mind clearer, throw out garbage thoughts, take some mental and physical spa and get back to work with more power than ever!

What I can do ?

Web designing, Web Campaigns etc., E-mailers, Newsletters, Social Media, Advertisements Campaign, Design Cartoon Characters, Photographer


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